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Founded in 1991 -- at the dawn of the modern internet -- Advice Company and its affiliates have been widely credited by the national press for creating some of the most iconic, most trusted and most visited websites on the Internet. The websites have won numerous accolades, awards, and honors over the past 29 years, were ranked among the 100 best sites on the Internet, and have been repeatedly cited in such leading media as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Washington Post, Forbes and USA Today. The sites also were regularly featured on national broadcast networks including CBS, Fox, and NPR. We created the leading home improvement website in 1995 and sold it to Internet Brands in 2007. We also created the leading legal information website in 1995 and sold it to Osceola Capital Management / 360 Quote LLC in 2019/20.

The websites, and are among the websites currently owned and managed by Advice Company. With our team of accomplished authors and technologists, we also manage websites for third parties, including and which we manage on behalf of Advocate Law Group P.C.

Advocate Law Group P.C.

Advocate Law Group P.C. is a national law firm that helps people who were harmed by dangerous prescription drugs or over the counter medicines, defective medical devices, and other harmful products by contributing its decades of insurance expertise and working with leading trial lawyers across the nation to assist consumers and small businesses recover all they are entitled to as quickly as possible, by knowing how to stop insurance companies from engaging in their typical deny and delay tactics.

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"Full Coverage" Health Insurance Leads Victims of Fraud With Stacks of Bills
Were You Sold "Comprehensive" Health Insurance But Left With Stacks of Bills?
E-Cigarette Attorneys Evaluating Lawsuits for Heart and Lung Disease, Cancer, and Seizures
E-Cigarettes Linked to Heart & Lung Disease, Cancer, and Seizures
Top Selling Weed Killer Roundup Linked to Cancer
Roundup Weedkiller Linked to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma & Leukemia
Xeljanz (Tofacitinib) Linked to Blood Clots in Lungs
Hernia Surgical Mesh Defects Linked to Organ Damage, Infections, and Chronic Pain
Defective 3M Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs Linked to Hearing Loss, Tinnitus & Ringing in Ears

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